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Brass Nameplates

Product Identification

Our custom brass nameplates are fully customizable, resistant to sparking, and quickly catch the eye -- allowing your company to communicate important safety info, stay in industry compliance, and amplify your branding to reach more customers.

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Product Information
  • Bulk-order discounts

  • Custom branding

  • U.S.-based designers & support

  • Custom shapes and sizes

The Benefits of Custom Brass Nameplates

Custom brass nameplates provide an eye-catching and long-lasting solution to communicating vital safety and product usage info while putting your brand at the top-of-mind for your customers.

Highly-visible and customizable.

Durable, low-friction, and easily malleable

Easily affixes to most materials

Amplify Your Branding with Custom Brass Nameplates

When your branding shines through on your custom brass nameplates, your customers are reminded of your commitment to quality and your dedication to their safety, creating a strong and consistent emotional touchpoint.

Increase brand awareness

Customers associate your brand with quality and safety

Constant, durable emotional touchpoint with customers

We’re Ready to Get to Work

Talk with one of our product identification experts to find the best solution for you. Working together, we’ll customize it to your exact needs and help you achieve your goals while staying on budget.

Our Process

We get to know your business and your needs

Everything we do starts with a simple chat about what you need from your product identification solutions and sharing your vision for their use.

We get to work

Our in-house team of product identification experts and designers get to work creating the identification products your need and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We help keep you compliant

Our team will help you stay informed about specific design elements, shapes, verbiage, and other key compliance variables that your information products must implement.

You gain peace of mind

With your product identification solutions completed, we schedule convenient delivery or pickup options and you gain peace of mind knowing the customers, staff, assets, and communities you're responsible for are well protected.