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Available Colors
  • White 6000K

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Amber

  • Green

  • Blue


Rigid LED Lighting System

Leon®, one of our most versatile rigid LED lighting solutions, is the perfect replacement for neon lighting. With a PVC housing component that’s both UV and impact resistant, Leon® is built to last and perform no matter where it’s used.

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Pricing, Order, and Warranty Information
  • Bundled pricing available

  • Easy ordering; kit includes all parts

  • 5-year warranty included

  • Pre-formed radii when required

  • Can be custom-built for perfect fit

  • 85% more efficient than neon

  • 70,000+ hr (colors), 50,000+ hrs (white) lifespan

  • Wide array of colors

  • Rigid; seamless color. No sags or gaps.

  • Cut to length on-site for easy install

  • Safe UL Class 2, 24 VDC (120 - 277 VAC input)

Download the Full Spec Sheet & Manual

The Perfect Replacement for Neon

Get higher visibility without sacrificing the look and emotional feel of neon while significantly reducing your brand’s fixed costs and energy use.

  • Reduce maintenance time and spending.

  • Use up to 75% less energy.

Attract More Customers, Grow Your Sales

The unmatched brightness and clarity of our Leon® LED lighting solution attracts more customers to your business, creates a consistent brand experience, and generates more sales opportunities.

  • No gaps, no sags. Straight lines of unbroken light.

  • Professional installation services available.

  • Make it easy for customers to find your location.

Great Ways Leon® can Amplify Your Brand

The vibrant, uninterrupted lighting that Leon® creates can make any building or outdoor architecture command attention.

Canopy Outline Lighting

Complex Architectural Lighting

Building Outline Lighting

Custom Outdoor Lighting Applications

LED-illuminated signage saves up to 75% more energy than traditional neon signs.

— Sign Research Foundation

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