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If your customers don't find your lot's inventory visually appealing, they keep on moving.

Automotive customers are driven by visual appeal, particularly when viewing your inventory from the street. Poor-quality lighting makes your cars and trucks look dull, and in turn, your entire brand fails to impress.

Let's make your dealership's inventory shine together.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Talk with our lighting and signage experts to help find the best solution for your brand, customize it to your needs, and help you achieve your goals while staying in budget.

Automotive Dealership and Showroom LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting transforms your auto dealership's inventory, showrooms, and even maintenance bays into opportunities to catch the eye, attention, and excitement of passing customers.

Automotive Dealership Architectural LED Lighting

Make your dealership's building stand out from competitors and cut through the visual clutter to create undeniably eye-catching lighting experiences that attract customers to your lot.

See our Vibraline LED Lighting

Automotive Showroom LED Lighting

No matter the shape or style of your dealership's showroom, our flexible indoor LED lighting solutions can create attractive experiences that drive the emotions you want customers to experience when engaging with your vehicles.

See our LumiFlex LED Lighting

Automotive Dealership LED Parking Lot Signage

Automotive dealership parking lots can be difficult to navigate, leading to customer frustration with your brand. Make it easy for them to find your entrances, exits, maintenance areas, and other points of interest no matter the time of day with our vibrant LED signage solutions.

See our LED Signage Solutions

Automotive Dealership Channel Letter Signs

Make your dealership's logo and brand colors shine no matter the time of day or weather, and attract customers to your lot with eye-catching, LED-illuminated channel letter signage.

See our LED Channel Letter Signs

LED-illuminated signage saves up to 75% more energy than traditional neon signs.

- Sign Research Foundation

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