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What is LED Border Tube Lighting? A Guide for Businesses

October 5, 2023  |  LED Lighting

Dan Rajczyk

By Dan Rajczyk

Business Development Executive

Here's what we'll cover:

No matter your industry, lighting plays an undeniable role in attracting customers and setting the stage for the experience you want them to have when doing business with your brand.

Just like your logo, colors, fonts, and digital presence, your lighting is a big part of the first impression customers get when they encounter your brand. And it can be the make-or-break when customers consider doing business with you or your competition.

This is why companies throughout North America have not only adopted LED lighting into the core of their branding strategy but work with industry leaders like us to push the technology forward to get the most out of their lighting investments.

From this effort and research, border tube LED lighting technology has evolved. And industry-leading lighting systems like VibraLine® have emerged as ROI-generating solutions that help businesses attract more customers, save energy, and put more money back in their pockets.

But what’s so significant about LED border tube lighting technology? And in what ways does it specifically lend itself to accomplishing these returns?

We don’t ever expect you to take our word for it. So let’s dive into the data, the results, and learn the ins and outs of how LED border tube lighting generates ROI for your business.

What is LED Border Tube Lighting?

First, let’s get specific about the underlying technologies of LED border tube lighting and what makes it different from other lighting solutions out there.

By definition, LED border tube lights are a lighting solution that is traditionally mounted along the exterior of a building that accentuates the architectural design of a structure and catches the eye of passersby.

But border tube lighting goes beyond just highlighting your building. Its benefits go far beyond being just an eye-catching light, permeating every level of your business and its branding.

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How LED Border Tube Lighting Attracts Customers to Businesses

Let’s dive into some specifics. Rather than ask you to take our word for it, let’s go through the data-backed science of lighting, its effects on customers, and how they work to generate a powerful return on your investment.

Simply put, it’s all about something called emotional consistency. Let us elaborate a little. True enough, lighting draws the eye long before we’ve made any judgments about a brand, but it also appeals to our emotional sides – which matters because the choices we make as consumers are often more than just about the price to value.

In fact, many of them are driven by personal connections to a specific brand or the experiences they provide. As a business owner, you can play this to your advantage by lighting your establishment up in a way that’s appealing and recognizable.

A good way to visualize the impact is with giant fast-food chains, like Burger King. When approaching one of their restaurants, you’re likely to be drawn in by the iconic illuminated sign and well-lit interior – and it’ll feel like the local joint at home, no matter where in the world you are. That’s the emotional consistency your business needs.

How LED Border Tube Lighting Enhances the Customer Experience at Your Business

Getting a customer into your store may feel like winning the war, but it really is only a small part of the many battles you’ll have to overcome on the way to earning another loyal fan of your brand. The real meat of the issue is a customer’s experience once they’re inside your establishment.

Lighting can impact this overall experience in a few ways, starting with one of the most important ones: safety and liability management.

When your storefront or office is well-lit, wandering folks will naturally be drawn toward it because they feel secure even in the darkest hours of the day – which also positions your brand as more trustworthy than the competition.

Bright workplaces also mean that your staff are alerted to spills, cracks, and other irregularities sooner rather than later. As a result, these issues can be attended to quickly without much of a fuss, saving you the time and effort of surveying the entire establishment after hours.

Moreover, illuminated walkways and paths coming up to and around your store mean that folks can see where they’re going at all times, making the occasional slip and fall rarer than ever – and that means fewer liabilities on the business end.

It doesn’t just stop at safety, however. Well-lit service areas, fridges, and general common spaces make every nook and cranny feel just a bit more well-maintained and cleaner overall while also contributing to the store’s look and feel.

With some areas brightly illuminated in any color of your choice, you can gently guide a customer’s gaze where you need it to be: on your products.

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How LED Border Tube Lighting Helps Business Owners Save Time and Money

Part of planning a business means optimizing your time as well every dollar, nickel, and dime – and LED border tube lighting helps cover both bases.

Swapping out old, buzzing incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures with lightweight LED tubes can seriously cut down on your overall energy spend, which can make all the difference at the end of the month.

All that said, you may be considering the possible costs of replacing your ancient bulbs with these brand-spanking-new fixtures and recoil at the very suggestion of shelling out hundreds of dollars and closing down the store. Luckily, the installation process is as quick and easy as they come.

Our different lighting solutions are affordable and shockingly easy to mount, so you’ll have as little downtime as possible in both manpower and financial matters. That means you get the impact of bold, punchy lighting without the hassle.

The significance of proper lighting solutions doesn’t end at your monthly bill. It also greatly impacts something all storefronts experience: shrinkage, theft, and the occasional unwelcome loss.

By maintaining a clean, well-lit store both inside and out, potential shoplifters are deterred from coming away with free products because they’re in clear view of everyone else in the store.

The same is true of folks who may be noisily loitering outside your space. Studies have shown that well-illuminated spaces act as a significant hindrance to crime and general rowdy behavior – which also means that your well-meaning customers will generally feel safer in and around your shop.

How LED Border Tube Lighting Helps Business Owners Increase Sales

Through utilizing eye-catching LED lights, brands across industries and niches are able to cement their place in a customer’s mind through visual consistency – communicating that they can expect the same excellent experience time and time again, making them more likely to keep coming back.

It’s exactly like we mentioned earlier with Burger King’s big, illuminated signs. By creating this consistency, you engage an emotional trigger that pushes many consumers to spend their dollars in your store instead of others.

In short, it really is all about customer perception – and everything we do see is impacted by the way it’s illuminated. The way you light products, meals, and other things available for purchase at your store can convert a reluctant buyer into a repeat customer.

It isn’t just about the intensity of your lighting solutions, either. Color temperature matters just as much when pushing folks to make a purchase. Green lights and cooler tones, for example, have a calming effect that evokes a sense of relaxation as customers browse your store, while red can have the opposite effect.

Luckily, many modern LED options can be customized to suit the exact shopping environment you want to build – from creating vivid, beautiful displays soaked in light to dimmer, moody corners to showcase your brand’s artistic values.

We’ve been helping businesses attract customers and save money for years. Let’s get started together.

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Work with LED Border Tube Lighting Experts

Focusing on lighting is hardly a groundbreaking move in today’s increasingly competitive commercial landscape, but implementing the right illumination methods makes all the difference when it comes to attracting, keeping, and converting customers – that’s why it’s important you work with trusted professionals.

That’s where we come in. Our long-time expertise in providing lighting solutions for businesses of all scales and industries means we understand what works. Drop us a line so we can get started with elevating (and illuminating) your brand.

Dan Rajczyk

By Dan Rajczyk

Dan Rajczyk, Business Development Executive at Lektron Branding Solutions, helps North American businesses implement cost-saving LED lighting technologies to amplify their brand — attracting more customers and increasing revenues.


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