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Don't let guests keep on driving. Grab their attention, stoke their excitement, and welcome them in to your casino.

Don't leave money on the table. Delight your regulars, and entice new guests with visual branding that makes the excitement of your casino come alive.

Together, let's attract more guests and increase revenues.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Talk with our lighting and signage experts to help find the best solution for your brand, customize it to your needs, and help you achieve your goals while staying in budget.

Casino LED Lighting

Our rigid and flexible LED lighting solutions create consistent, on-brand, and exciting lighting experiences for casino and gaming industry businesses throughout North America.

Casino Outdoor & Architectural LED Lighting

Our rigid and flexible LED lighting solutions make your casino a beacon for the fun and exciting experiences you guests expect from your brand.

View our Vibraline LED Lighting

Casino Indoor LED Lighting, Custom LED Designs, and Signage

Create on-brand emotional experiences for your guests that get them excited and encourage greater spending.

View our LumiLine Flexible LEDs

Casino Outdoor LED Illuminated Signage

Whether it's from the highway or your entranceway, grab guests' attention and stoke their excitement for the thrilling experiences they'll enjoy only at your casino.

View our LED Illuminated Signage

LED-illuminated signage saves up to 75% more energy than traditional neon signs.

- Sign Research Foundation

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